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Transfer Boards

Transfer boards are designed to assist the user with limited mobility to move from one seated location to another. The boards assist the user to move from a wheelchair to a bed or chair from a seated position by sliding on their bottom along the board between the two. Transfer boards (also known as sliding boards) are made from wood or plastic and they have a very smooth surface to assist the user to slide along the board and either ends are chamfered to assist with positioning the board and transferring on and off it.  They come in various styles from straight wooden boards to curved transfer boards which can be useful for using around the wheel of the wheelchair. There are also transfer boards available with an attached slide sheet or inbuilt transfer disc which can help to minimise friction when sliding along the board.

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For example to move from a wheelchair to bed-

  • Position the wheelchair as close to the bed as possible, remove the arm of the wheelchair.
  • The board is put in position under the bottom of   the user and then put in position on the bed .It is important that the heights of the wheelchair and the bed are level to make this manoeuvre as easy as possible, differing heights will mean having to transfer ‘up hill’.
  • Ensure that the board is stable and secure before making any attempt to move along the board.
  • The user then slowly slides across the board from the wheelchair to the bed and then removes the board once safely on the bed.