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Walking Sticks

Welcome to our range of walking sticks. We have included a variety of different walking sticks dependent on the needs of the user, from folding walking sticks, to bariatric sticks.  It is important to have the correct height of walking stick. If a stick is too high this will result in the shoulder being raised up when walking with the stick. If a walking stick is too low then this will result in a drooped posture. Either way having the stick too high or too low could put you off balance and make you feel unstable. To measure for the correct height of walking stick, stand upright in your normal footwear with arms relaxed by your side and measure from the wrist bone down to the floor. There are various styles of handles on walking sticks from the crook style to the ergonomically designed which support the full hand and distribute the weight more evenly. We have also included wheelchair accessories including grips that grasp the stick safely to prevent it from falling over when not in use and wrist straps which keeps your walking stick close by you.