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Mattress Elevator

Mattress elevators fit underneath the top end of the mattress and can fit single and double beds. These are powered by electricity or battery and fit under the top end of the mattress. They are designed to assist you to sit up in bed when you are finding it difficult to move from lying up to sitting maybe as a result of breathlessness or limitations in your movement. A pillow lifter sits on the top end of your mattress. This can be used in a single or double bed and is useful if one of the occupants of the double bed has difficulties but the other does not.

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Reasons to choose a Mattress Elevator (variator)

  • Consider a mattress elevator if you are having problems with sitting up from lying in bed.
  • The variator is useful if you have problems with your shoulders and are unable to pull on a rail to help you sit up. Also useful if you have breathing problems and the effort involved when coming from lying to sitting causes you to become breathless.
  • Fitting a variator means that you can still enjoy sleeping in your own bed but have the benefits of an electrically operated bed.