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Co-operative Independent Living offers a wide range of mobility aids and daily living aids designed to make things such as bathing, housework and getting about that little bit easier. We want to enable our customers to live independent, dignified and more fulfilled lives, as such we’ve looked at how we can change the way that you shop for those clever products that help take the strain out of everyday tasks. Our in-house occupational therapist Helen has personally recommended a large number of the equipment and mobility aids we offer and knows that often the simplest idea makes all the difference. If you require any advice as to whether a product might be suitable for your needs, you can contact her via our contact form. Read more
In the Home
View the whole range  » Household gadgets and disability aids including big button phones, commodes and grab rails.
View the whole range  » Mobility aids for the garden including leaf grabbers and long handled tools.
View the whole range  » Get around with our wheelchairs, walking sticks, rollators and ramps.
Health & Wellbeing
View the whole range  » We have a wide range of healthy living and fitness products helping you to stay mobile.
View the whole range  » Our new range of paediatric products including Tumble Forms and caring cutlery.
View the whole range  » Assessment and evaluation kits for Occupational Therapists & Healthcare Professionals